Friday, February 24, 2012

Imperfect links....

I really hate this story because it makes me so sad.  I know, as I'm sure we all do, how it feels to feel unattractive.  I'm so glad the internet wasn't so prolific when I was around and I hope these teenagers have strong influences in their lives who will show them the errors of this kind of thinking.  It breaks my heart.

Interesting.  Tumblr to ban 'self harm' blogs which includes pro-anorexia/bulimia ones .  I have mixed feelings about this and was actually interviewed by CNN about this very topic. (You can read a transcript here )  In a way those sites helped me feel less alone & in turn made me less likely to act out my destructive behaviors.  BUT I definitely learned a trick or two from them too.  Double edged sword.

And now onto something much happier.  I have only just met this blogger, but I love her.  Here, she discusses everything that's wrong with women's health/fitness magazines.  I was going to write my own post about this but I don't think I could compare to this comedic genius.

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