Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Motivation - How it Works

Hello and welcome to a new blog feature!

A few MMM challenges & you'll have
sweet lats like him in no time!
Since I A) love alliteration, B) am lacking creativity while thinking of this blog post and C) love to achieve mini goals, I am starting up this motivational section.  Here's how it works:

Each Monday morning I'll post a new challenge, based on some things that I talked about in the previous week's postings.  What you do with this challenge is up to you: maybe you choose to complete it on Monday and that's it.  Maybe you want to do it 3 days a week, maybe 5.  It's your challenge, do what you want with it.

All I ask is that you commit to completing this task ONE time during the week.  And tell me about it.

Comment, send me an email, tweet me, whatever.  I am your one woman fitness cheerleader but I need to have things to be cheering about.

Now let's do this damn thing.

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